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One Woman Army is run by Emily and a crew of amazing women around the world.

A note from Emily:

I spent over twenty years as a single mom + female solopreneur (on top of the day jobs I was always afraid to walk away from). In that time, I learned how to take the resources out there and customize them for what I needed, as a busy mom with a business and a day job.

From financing to business planning to marketing, almost every tool and strategy I ever found as a 20+ year independent entrepreneur was a resource I had to hack, test, and refine down to a level where it would work for me.

There are very few resources in the world for us, so this space holds content, resources, and classes that are specifically designed to meet that need.

This site contains everything I learned in that process, with more being added as people request things I’ve forgotten I know. 😅

To learn more about the crew here at one woman army, check us out online.

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Emily Adair

appalachian, human, mom.